If you have a neck injury from a car accident, seek medical attention immediately. Find out the extent of your injuries and pursue treatment for a future pain-free life. However, finding an attorney to represent your needs is crucial once you’ve found the medical course of action for your injury. Lost time from work, medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering deserve compensation. If you have a neck injury from a car accident, seeking medical treatment and coverage for your losses are top priorities. Learn how to find and pay for the medical treatment you need. 

Neck Injury Symptoms

Car accidents involve speeds and forces beyond our comprehension. You may feel fine immediately after an accident but have excruciating pain a few days later. Discomfort may even show up a week after an accident. 

Your body copes with injury by releasing powerful chemicals to dull pain and sensitivity after an accident. Your fight or flight hormones release, and you can even feel good at the scene of an accident. However, if you begin experiencing any of the listed symptoms below, you may have a neck injury from the accident. 

Symptoms of a neck injury after a car accident can include:

  • Limited mobility when you turn your head side-to-side
  • Stiffness in your neck and limited range of motion 
  • Moving your head up or down causes pain or discomfort 
  • Throbbing neck or head pain 
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Shooting pains in your upper body
  • Areas in your neck and head are uncomfortable to touch 
  • Chills, fever, exhaustion
  • Radiating pain moving from your neck to your shoulders or back 
  • Muscle spasms in your neck, shoulders, or back
  • Trouble holding your head up, like its too heavy to support
  • Inability to sleep or concentrate
  • Feeling moody: anxiety, irritability, or depression
  • Numbness or tingling 
  • Blurred vision or ringing ears

Seeking Treatment

If you wonder which specialist you should see for neck pain, consider an orthopedist. According to Everyday Health, “An orthopedist is a highly trained surgeon, knowledgeable about the skeleton and its structures. When it comes to treating neck pain, many patients consider orthopedic care the gold standard.” 

Orthopedists are experts in diagnosing and treating neck injuries and conditions, including whiplash, pinched nerves, and herniated discs. These specialists undergo extensive training in the back, neck, and spine. They also are well-versed in pain management strategies. 

Cervical neck and spine doctors may diagnose you with any of several disorders that they may extensively treat. In many cases, it is possible to heal and move forward without pain. Some of the injuries you may face after a car accident include:

  • Cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerves)
  • Fracture
  • Herniated disc
  • Nerve injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Whiplash

Whatever your condition after an accident, seeking treatment and following a course of action to feel better helps prevent chronic conditions that are often more difficult to treat. Also, there is a statute of limitations for when you can file a claim for damages in Texas. Starting treatment immediately and quickly pursuing damages for your bills can help your case go more smoothly. 

In addition, insurance company adjusters and representatives tend to take claims more seriously when you seek medical attention immediately rather than waiting. Finding help immediately shows everyone that your injuries needed the treatment you sought out. 

Paying Your Medical Bills

To receive the best possible care for your neck injury, you may need help paying your medical bills. You can seek financial compensation from the person who caused your car accident. You’ll need to have proof of your injuries and understand how to use Texas insurance and car accident laws to your advantage. Working with an attorney who understands the negotiation process involved can bring about your best outcome.

A personal injury attorney will investigate your case from every angle and often include medical experts and witnesses to help prove the value of the damages you seek. Working with an attorney who understands how to prove you needed the treatments for your neck is essential to receive your best settlement.

We Can Help

At Jarrett Law, we’ve worked with neck injury clients to achieve their best settlement outcome. We look at the circumstances of the accident, help fight for your voice to be heard, consider other proof of your injuries and proof of accident claims. We understand how difficult it is to fight for your rights when you face debilitating injuries. As an advocate who is always on your side, we fight with you to achieve your best outcome in the face of opposition. Contact us today and find out how we can help you win your best settlement and take your life back.